ITS-ProtStckID (ITS protocol stack identifier):

ITS communication protocols are identified by an OID {iso(1) identified-organization(3) cen(162) cp17496(17496) its-scps(3) its-scps-'n'('n')

ITS protocol stack identifier its-scps-'n' is specified in ASN.1 as ITSprotocolStckID::=INTEGER(0..MAX).

The following ITS protocols stacks are identified and can be referenced by the globally unique ITS-ProtStckID:

ITS-ProtStckID Name of protocol stack Comments
0 Unknown protocol stack Reserved to indicate an unknown protocol stack
1 ITS station-internal management communications secure sessions using Ethernet and IPv6 See ISO 24102-4
2 SCN-access for SCN diagnostic using Ethernet and IPv6 See CEN/ISO TS 21184 and ISO 22900-2
3 General service announcement using ITS-M5 and FNTP See EN ISO 22418
4 General secured sessions involving Internet  
5 Secure broadcast of messages with ETSI ITS-G5 Release 1 stack  
6 IPv6 localized communication with IPv6  



Last update: 8.10.2019