ITS-LCHID (ITS logical channel identifier):


Date ID Acronym Name Description Examples of usage Comment
1.5.2018 0 UNK Unknown channel Used in protocols    
1.5.2018 1
Control Channel
For dissemination and exchange of basic channel control information, communication information, and application management information.
The term CCH also indicates the physical control channel for road safety communications at 5,9 GHz
1.5.2018 2 SaCH
Service advertisement / announcement channel
For advertising / announcing of ITS services
Using FSAP specified in EN ISO 22418 / ISO 16460, or WSA specified in IEEE 1609.3, or ESAM specified in EN 302 890-1
1.5.2018 3
Safety of life and property channel
For dissemination and exchange of safety of life and property critical information.
Broadcast of CAM / DENM / BSM
1.5.2018 4
Service channel
For exchange of peer to peer ITS-S application process data, and for general message dissemination.
The term SCH also indicates a physical service channel for road safety communications at 5,9 GHz
2.9.2019 5
eCall channel
Channel between an eCall IVS and the most appropriate PSAP
Specified in CEN/TS 17182:2018

Last update: 2.9.2019